Landscape Architecture Month

Michael has been celebrating Landscape Architecture Month with Sarasota’s youngest students since 2010.

April is Landscape Architecture Month. Established by the American Society of Landscape Architecture, this designation is a month-long celebration of landscape architecture, and of the design of public and private spaces. The campaign’s intention is to demonstrate how landscape architecture affects and enhances our daily lives. 

At Michael A. Gilkey, Inc., we are celebrating Landscape Architecture Month by educating students about the profession and importance of landscape architecture, and by giving back to our community.

Landscape architects from Michael A. Gilkey, Inc. are donating their time this month to students at all age levels, beginning with the very youngest. The preschool and kindergarten classes at St. Martha’s School in Sarasota have been partnering with the 8th graders to engage in a “cartoon to garden” challenge. Our team will visit the school in April to show the children our own “cartoons” (sketches and concept plans), and the photographs that illustrate these drawings coming to life. We will also provide the students with the tools they need to design their own landscape plans for the campus. 

A few days later, Michael and Gavin will travel north to their alma mater, The University of Florida, to visit with the students from the Department of Landscape Architecture. They will offer a discussion on process during the students’ planting design studio, then stay to provide individual charettes and critiques. 

Also this month, Michael will be presenting a concept plan for a new courtyard space at Southside Elementary School, and begin conversations with the team from Pine View School about a special project there as well. We will also prepare for a presentation with the residents at a retirement community about the process of landscape design. 

We look forward to celebrating Landscape Architecture Month the profession we love by sharing it with members of our community of all ages. 



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