Codding Cottage

Type: Sustainable Design
Location: Sarasota, FL
Year Completed: 2008

Michael A. Gilkey, Inc. was honored to have been selected by Josh Wynne Construction to design and create a Florida Friendly Landscape for The Codding Cottage in Sarasota’s historic Laurel Park. This unique home met and exceeded all requirements for the Platinum level of the LEED Green Build Rating System, making it the most energy-efficient and sustainable residence in Sarasota, and one of the first in the nation to receive this designation. The Codding Cottage was also certified by The Florida Green Building Coalition and EnergyStar, and is considered one of the “greenest” homes in America.

The landscape is comprised of a series of spaces that are functional, intimate and appropriate to the concept of The Codding Cottage. Using 100% Florida native plants and irrigated from harvested rainwater, the landscape of the home compliments the innovation and sustainability of its building methods and materials. The palette includes minimal yet functional lawn space, recycled hardscape materials, raised vegetable gardens and shade-providing overhead structures adorned with native grapevines. The Codding Cottage features a long list of the latest innovations in technology and green construction. All of these products and experts have helped bring this home to a level of efficiency and sustainability not often achieved. Sustainable construction practices, healthy product choices, energy efficient features, and water conscious design make this home as inspiring as it is beautiful.