Michael A. Gilkey Landscape Architects Inventory


Michael A. Gilkey, Inc. begins the design process with two critical events: a personal meeting with our client, and a comprehensive site analysis. We refer back to these events during every phase of design thereafter. The needs and visions of our clients provide the framework for our design concept, and identifying opportunities and constraints of the site dictate the language with which we make these visions come to life.

Michael A. Gilkey Landscape Architects Concept Designs


Michael A. Gilkey, Inc. will generate a unique concept for each landscape that responds to the needs and the opportunities of the site. This concept will address the ideas of scale, proportion, circulation, privacy and balance. We may illustrate these ideas through sketches, diagrams, or informal plans. Following approval of this phase, every design decision made will echo this concept, down to the finest detail.

Michael A. Gilkey Landscape Architects Design Drawings Renderings


Michael A. Gilkey, Inc. transforms design concepts into artistic, elegant landscapes reflecting the needs and desires of our discerning clientele. As classically trained, educated, registered and licensed landscape architects, we have developed an acute knowledge of Southwest Florida plant material, resulting in a refined, sustainable palette; yet we remain in step with the cutting edge sector of the landscape industry.

Michael A. Gilkey Landscape Architects Plants, Materials, Holding Yard


Michael A. Gilkey, Inc. secures the state’s finest plant material for our clients’ exclusive selection. Our ten-acre holding area is maintained by a full-time nursery manager and horticulturalist with the singular goal of ensuring success in transferring material to each site. We design and specify hardscape features, water elements, entry systems, pots, and garden sculpture while working with each client to create a language of materials that complements the architecture and personality of the project.

Michael A. Gilkey Landscape Architects Project Coordination


Michael A. Gilkey, Inc. offers a complete exterior general contracting service. We are proud of the partnerships we have formed over the last two decades with the area’s finest tradesmen. As an exterior general contractor, we schedule and coordinate irrigation, hardscaping, earthwork, site amenities, landscape lighting, pool contracting, fences and walls, arborist services, and more. Our subcontractors and allied trades are all owner-operated firms that hold themselves to the standard of care expected by our clientele.

Michael A. Gilkey Landscape Architects Poject Implementation


Michael A. Gilkey, Inc. employs a landscape contracting crew with over half of a century of collective experience, surpassing the gold standard in landscape installation practices. The benefit to our clients is unmatched: we are able to guarantee that our designs will be implemented perfectly. In addition to the installation of all landscape elements, our scope of services may include permitting, preservation, removal or relocation of existing vegetation, site preparation, fine grading, drainage and earthwork.

Michael A. Gilkey Landscape Architects Project Evaluation


Michael A. Gilkey, Inc. is focused on providing our clients with a satisfying experience through every phase of design, installation, and as their landscape matures. Following implementation, a landscape architect will walk through the site with the client, ensuring their understanding about expectations and maintenance of the installed material.

Michael A. Gilkey Landscape Architects Maintenance


Michael A. Gilkey, Inc. developed a landscape maintenance division in response to disparities between established landscapes and their original design intents. Our team of professionals include experienced technicians, managers, pesticide applicators, nurserymen and horticulturalists. Their mission is to uphold the client’s vision while enhancing the health and optimizing the performance of every plant on the property.