Ornamental Outlook Cover Story

Sarasota, FL (September 21)–Sarasota landscape architecture studio Michael A. Gilkey, Inc. was the cover story of this month’s Ornamental Outlook magazine, a horticultural trade publication with a wide readership in Florida.

Magazine editor Paul Rusnak visited Sarasota to interview Gilkey in July. He spent several hours with Michael, discussing the landscape design industry and touring several finished projects. The complete interview and photo slideshow are available on www.ornamentaloutlook.com.

An excerpt from the cover story: “According to Gilkey, an award-winning design begins with positive working relationships among the owner, architect, landscape architect, and all other subcontractors and suppliers. ‘Because of these relationships and open lines of communication, we see a true collaborative process that benefits the project through expertise and commitment of everyone involved,’ Gilkey says. While winning awards is nice, Gilkey says there’s no higher compliment than one from his father. ‘Dad still critiques every job I do,” he says. “I got a B+ a couple weeks ago, which is the highest grade I’ve ever gotten from him. So, I’m doing pretty well,’ he chuckles.”